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Kukki Electric Co. is an electronic goods showroom offering a wide variety of kitchen appliances, small home appliance, and accessories. We are an authorized seller of Crompton, Luminous, Havells, and Usha Fans. Other appliances include coolers, sewing machines, electric water heaters, electric irons, electric kettles, food processors, electric room heaters, coffee makers, and much more.


Kukki Electric Co. started its irruption into home appliances in 1990’s. The company has already sold off billions of kitchen appliances in the past 2 decades. Behind this success story is the vision of our Managing Director, Mr. Sudhanshu Singhal, a self-motivated and dynamic and first generation entrepreneur.

The company is backed by dedicated sales and marketing team headed by Mr. Tushar Singhal, an aspiring and humble individual with his roots into the business.

Sudhanshu Singhal

In 1980’s, after his post graduation from Allahabad University, Mr. Sudhanshu Singhal moved to Ghaziabad to drive his passion, entrepreneurship. Starting with a self-developed electrical good showroom he gazed his hands into manufacturing and distribution of coolers.

After a couple of decades, he realized moving into a more mature business, returning back into distributorship of home and kitchen appliances manufactured by popular brands.

Tushar Singhal

Life is not easy for any of us! Despite being a son of a successful businessman, Mr. Tushar Singhal, after his post graduation in Management joined a company as a sales executive. Running round the clock, he gained market experience and exposure before indulging into his family business.

With his vast market exposure, team handling, and marketing dynamics, he successfully drove the business to new heights proving himself to be a son of a proud father.


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